Everything to know about online bingo

Bingo can be played on gambling websites such as online-casino-za . It is a fun game and can be played among friends. There is a board that has several squares, and the player who gets 5 squares in a row wins the game. Every Bingo scorecard has 25 squares with random numbers printed on them.

How to play Bingo online?

You can get Bingo scorecards on the net easily. Note the word 'BINGO. typed in the top part of the card. In standard Bingo, there are 75 number letter combinations. Each letter-number matches with a specific square on the Bingo cards. If the caller picks up B-9, look up the letter-combination 9 under the B column.

Howto play Bingo, continued

So if you have 7+2 or 6+3 or 5+4, etc. under B, you place a coin on that box. A caller calls out letter combinations. He can also participate in the game. You can play with as many cards as you like, but keeping track of all your squares would be difficult.

How to play Bingo, continued

Start by handing over chips to each player. You can use any other objects to substitute for chips. Each player starts by placing his chips on the box in the center of the Bingo card. Continue playing until one player gets all his squares covered either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When that happens, he wins the game.

Why play online bingo?

Playing bingo online can be fun, and you get the same community feeling when you are playing against others on a computer. However, take note of these precautions. First, find a safe and reliable bingo website. Read online reviews of bingo sites. Check whether your site has been paying out regularly.

Secondly, identify the reason why you want to play online bingo. Is it just for plain fun or for money. If the driving force is money, please learn the game. Please remember that online bingo is as much a game of luck as skill. You will win and lose as you play this game.


More tips on online bingo

Stick to your budget always. On certain days, you might be tempted to bet again and again after a string of losses. Curb this temptation as it might make you bankrupt. Avoid playing with too many cards. Stick with 3-4 cards at any moment. More than 5 cards means confusion and losses.

Pick the right time

If you want to beat the competition, the best time of the week would be the weekdays.That way, you get to compete against fewer people and maximize your winning chances. Early mornings and afternoons are the best times to play. However, if you are playing just for fun, then weekends would be a great time to play.

Choosing your cards

Unfortunately, you can't choose your cards in online bingo. But don't lose hope, all the numbers that come your way are random and generated by a computer. Nobody can rig or predict those numbers as those are generated by complex computer algorithms. This means your bingo cards cannot be manipulated by anyone else.

Online bingo bonuses

If you are a new player, your online casino would probably offer you a Welcome Package. This package would comprise a bonus and a few additional freebies. There are two kinds of bonuses- Bonuses that require you to make a deposit, and No Deposit Bonuses. If you get the latter, check terms and conditions.

No Deposit Bonuses

Here, you don't have to make a deposit at the time of playing. Your casino would send a bonus code to your mailbox, share that code with your casino manager, and get a small amount of money to begin playing. But it isn't that simple. Most casinos set wagering requirements to use that bonus.

Wagering Requirements in Online Bingo

Let's say you receive $ 10 as a No Deposit Bonus. The wagering requirement is 10x. This means you need to wager 10 times your bonus amount in order to use it. There can be another condition also. Your casino might say that you can use this bonus only withing the next X number of days.

Final thoughts on online bingo

Online bingo is fun, and easy to understand. It is basically a community-based game where everyone enjoys to the maximum. However, you can play online bingo for real money also. Just ensure that your casino is verifiable and fair. Try out a few gameson the demo mode also to cut your losses.